Darkness Retreats

From Darkness to Light

Have you been meditating for a long time without much avail? Are you looking for a spiritual breakthrough?

Or maybe you are a creative person, a musician, writer, actor, advertising or marketing expert and you have run out of ideas or are exhausted?

You are looking for spiritual experiences without having to take psychedelics, complicated techniques or following a Guru?

You just one to be one with the God or Universe?

Whatever it is you are looking for – a darkness retreat can be your answer.

Darkness has been used by classical and indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

There is a special effect darkness has on the brain and it has to do with reducing the power of the Ego, left brain, Default Mode Network or Ordinary Mental consciousness. However you might call it, once the influence and control of this part of your character is reduced, it allows the subconscious to do what it can best – heal you. Clean itself out, resolve emotional blocks, be creative, spurn out music, visuals and ideas, and – allow access to the spiritual world.

In the old days mystics, prophets, Shamans and spiritual seekers had to stay in caves shared with spiders and scorpions, but nowadays you can stay in comfort in a darkened house or room that has all the amenities that make your stay comfortable.

In darkness you do not have to use any special techniques, even though you can if you want to, but darkness alone works by itself. Imagine it like fasting. “Light Fasting”. This is the beauty of darkness. It will allow your brain to create or perceive unique experiences that will change and transform your life by showing you what so far has been hidden.

If you are interested in learning more about darkness retreats, light or visual fasting, please refer to the Resources page.

If you would like to book a darkness retreat, please send us an email.

One word of warning: Visual fasting can expose previously hidden emotional tensions, blocks, memories, traumata or other negative influences. We recommend not to visually fast when you are acutely sick, have chronic inflammation, are taking drugs or psychedelics, have a tendency towards psychosis, bipolar or other psychiatric conditions (see holotropic breathwork for these), know that you have severe unresolved trauma or have not dealt with parts of your emotional side effectively or ever before. We want you to have a good experience and will discuss the necessary preparation with you specifically for your case.

Recommendations for Beginners are:

1. Retreat: 2-3 days.

2. Retreat: 3-5 days

3. Retreat: 5-8 days

4. Retreat: 8-14 days.

Recommendations for experienced meditators / travelers are:

1. Retreat: 3-5 days (or longer)

2. Retreat: 6-8 days (or longer)

3. Retreat: 14 days (or longer)