The White Spots were perceived in a vision.

After asking God for 22 years to show himself to me, show me the future and answer my questions, I finally stopped banging my head against the wall and reached a state of consciousness during a guided practice in a sensory deprivation tank that allowed me to finally receive the answers to my questions that I had been longing for so desperately long. One of the answer about the future was: “You will travel from retreat center to retreat center and teach”.

Not long after that I perceived an image in a vision at night: A dark grey map of the world with small white (light) spots appearing here and there, first in the US and then worldwide. These spots grew and swelled in size but did not take over the world. While I was wondering what they meant I realized that this was as invisibly connected network of healers that would be in their respective locales to heal those who where able to find them.

In subsequent discussions the picture became clearer, the need for a healing on all levels – not just physical, nut just psychological, not just spiritual but all levels together in an environment of beauty and close to nature.

From then on I began to assemble a network of healers that have begun healing each other and themselves in their respective locales.

The next step will be our first retreat for healers.

Based on the maxima: Heal yourself to heal the world we will be focusing on healers from all walks of life first.

Our healers then, after healing themselves, will be available for the public to also receive the same healing.

The White Spots are an amazing opportunity for the future of the world.

Maybe for the first time in our thousands of year old human history we are at the brink of actually healing the world.

With all the benefits that can bring.

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