The Twelve Whys

Why Emotional Healing?

In the past we thought that healing only included the physical level, that biochemistry could fix everything and that emotional wellbeing was a given, unless someone had mental health problems.

This is a wrong paradigm if you think about it.

While the biology of the body influences the mind, so does the mind influence the biology of the body.

To reach the highest possible level of healing we have to heal the inner wounds and wounds of the soul just as much as the outer, physical wounds and dysfunctions.

Suffering from anxiety, addictions, loneliness, emptiness, ADD, lack of love, empathy, etc. are actually not diseases or embarrassing stigmata, but signs of unresolved trauma and emotional blockages (parts of which can be aggravated or caused by physical imbalances).

True healing can never be achieved without addressing these factors.

Why Traumata?

A Trauma is generally regarded as an experience of helplessness or being at the mercy of a situation. Traumata can create long-lasting wounds in the soul that have an influence on both spiritual development and the physical body.

We differentiate between major, or “big T” Trauma and minor, or “small t” trauma. Newer research shows that we all have traumata. Conscious and subconscious. Traumata are part of life and can be released and transformed, which is maybe the most important process of holopathic healing.

Pre-birth, birth, post-birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, intergenerational, collective and ancient / spiritual trauma have all been discovered and identified by renowned psychiatrists in the last decades and can now be released by practitioners of trauma releasing therapies.

Without the release of the “energy blockages” (chronic nervous system stress / immune system activation) associated with major trauma, the physical body can not function properly and spiritual will also be impaired.

Why Fear?

Fear is associated with the conscious and subconscious memories we have associated with our traumata. Many of them result from situations in childhood that can often be mild or unavoidable but leave an imprint in the brain of a young and sensitive child.

If occurring later, f.e. in adulthood, the severity of the situation influences the intensity of the trauma and its associated fear.

Fear in this case is what blocks us from going back and facing the trauma in order to allow the release of bound emotional energies.

The good news is that this fear is a fake giant.

Meaning that the memory of the fear can be intense, but the re-experience by far not as dramatic, which makes the fear of the fear our worst enemy. While it can be intense to feel the traumatizing feeling again and definitely needs sensitivity and support, we are now not in that situation anymore and as such in a safe spot.

Facing our fears with the right support enables us to get a different perspective and release the trauma which then frees us from our fears and allows us to live life freely and happily, enabling our bodies and soul to heal.

Why Energies?

When a young brain tries to cope with a traumatizing situation the associated discomfort and conscious or subconscious fear or feeling of shame or failure can lead our brain to develop certain strategies of dealing with the world. These strategies can shape our character and define who we think we are and who we think we are not, what we do, how we think and what we attract and allow into our life.

Furthermore, the brain wants to be happy and therefore develops strategies to suppress uncomfortable feelings and memories.

This suppression requires a lot of energy. It can also lead to all kinds of strategies of creating artificial well-being, such a addictions to food, entertainment, drugs, sex, rock’n roll, screens, love, etc.

The transformation of fear and trauma releases these energies and the brain now does not have to work anymore to suppress uncomfortable thoughts, memories and fears 24/7.

The concurrent release of energy in the brain is now available for creative thinking, enjoying life, developing new strategies and helping others transform their traumata as well, should they be ready.

Why Happiness?

Happiness is a state that is reached through holopathic or complete healing. When all our traumata, fears, non-beneficial conditioning, blockages, suppressed emotions, addictions, physical and emotional problems are released, we enter a state of happiness that has been described by the sages of ancient times as enlightenment, oneness, unity with God or Nirvana. This state of being is not limited to a specific religion or belief system and can be found in countless historic and current references. Scientists now call it fundamental wellbeing.

Some experience it in daily life, some through sports or extreme circumstances, some through meditation techniques, others through entheogenic realizations or near death experiences.

Because this happiness is an individual, practical experience it is difficult to understand until it has actually been experienced.

And because it is usually attained sustainably only after the release of major traumata and energy blocks, not many people have gotten there in the past. It takes work and commitment to reach a state of fundamental wellbeing.

Fundamental wellbeing, also described as an experience of unconditional love or bliss by those experiencing it, is the ultimate experience of life we seem to be able to attain. Some call it the fulfillment of life or purpose of life.

If you think about how much effort we put into achieving feelings of happiness, it starts to make sense that this seems to be our primary goal.

But Happiness and Bliss have another effect: A truly happy and blissful person does not need much from the outer world. Unhappy humans are actually kind of needy, and our neediness contributes to destroying and exploiting our world, other people and the environment.

Imagine a world full of happy and blissful people. Bankers do not need to make millions, Generals do not need to bomb countries, Religious extremists do not need to kill others, normal citizens do not need to consume so much that they end up in debt and destroy the environment.

Happiness is not a comfortable luxury reserved for the 1%, but truly the only way we can solve our humanitarian, political, inter-human and environmental crisises.

Why Nature?

Our bodies and minds have been living in nature for millennia. By creating a lifestyle as closely as possible to the natural principles our genes and programming know how to handle, we automatically create a healing environment for our physical body and mind.

Nature heals, calms, comforts, inspires, teaches, activates, provides, encourages, supplies and removes.

Natural principles are the best possible way for us to achieve homeostasis, health and happiness.

Nature can be augmented and adapted to our advantage, but without destroying its beauty, function or sustainability and healing capabilities.

In Nature we can be ourselves, reflect and find peace.

Nature is our natural habitat and surrounding and the more we remove ourselves from its principles the sicker we and our descendants will get.

Epigenetic changes can be passed on for generations and exposing ourself to the wrong environment can have long-lasting consequences.

Nature corrects so many factors necessary for health that no artificial set up could replace it.

The fractal principles of untouched nature seem to be what conveys healing, calming and admiration to the brain…

Why Retreats and Refuges?

Most People in the western world live a life dowsed in subconscious and conscious stress. The systems of so-called “civilization” force us to be exposed to a lifestyle that is not conducive to health and longevity.

Getting up in the morning, racing to school or work, driving on freeways, dealing with unresolved social conflicts, abusive and excessive workloads, long work hours, high expectations from ourselves and our environment, lack of sleep, malnourishment, excessive toxin exposure, smog, electromagnetic radiation, the costs of constant entertainment and artificial happiness, alcohol, drugs, TV, News, family, fate, accidents, medical treatments – what we call the rat race and consider normal – they all take a toll on the body.

Most communities that have achieved blue zone status do not live in modern urban environments, but in calm natural ones that do not constantly stress and overburden body, mind and spirit.

In nature the soul can breathe, and in beautiful nature the soul gets elevated. That is why the White Spots are not only a worldwide network of healers, but also strive to provide different experiences in retreat centers, refuges, sanctuaries and other properties and centers around the world.

Not all of us can remove ourselves permanently from a sickening environment, but for true healing to occur we have to do it at least temporarily.

Retreats are therefore an integral part of holopathic healing and should probably be searched out at least once or twice a year, if not every quarter or if close to one even more often.

A refuge is a place where people can live that have decided that staying in an urban environment impedes their healing process to an intolerable degree and therefore want to live in nature, but with like-minded, heart-centered people. To live in a refuge, one has to be willing to commit fully to the healing work on all levels.

Why Experiential?

The transformation needed to attain holopathic (full) healing on all levels of the physical body, the nervous system, the brain, the mind, the soul and the spirit requires active work. It is an active process, not a theoretical or biochemical intervention (no magic pill).

Only through active illumination and transformation of past traumata is it possible to attain a state of freedom and happiness from bonds and bondages that most people do not even know to be possible.

Theory will not help here, which is why we are not intending to provide too much theory, other than where absolutely necessary to elucidate and support the experiential process, make it safe and desirable.

Excessive focus on theory, intellectual judgement and “scientific” discrediting can be just another strategy of smart brains to avoid having to face their conscious or subconscious inner fears, traumata, feelings of inadequacy or shortcoming, pain, loneliness, grief or frustration.

Sometimes attack is the best defense and we do not want to enable avoidant behaviors by offering too much theory to attack.

That means that if you are ready to face the challenges that need to be faced to heal holopathically in this lifetime, and you are ready to do the work, even if it might be painful or uncomfortable for a while, knowing that we are careful and based on science and integrity, knowing that you will and countless others have come out of the process on the other side as healed, hole, happy and hilariously free people then the White Spots are for you.

If you are not ready and you have not experienced the processes leading to and the true healing yourself, then the White Spots may not be the right thing for you (yet), but you also can not and should not judge others for their choices in life.

Why Slices of reality?

Einstein, of the smartest personalities of his time famously said three things:

  1. “The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know”.

This was after his school teachers had told him that he was basically an idiot, especially in math, his physics professors had told him not to become a physics professor because everything in physics had already been found out, there was nothing more to discover and we (they) basically knew it all and him discovering the second most important principles and laws of physics of the 20th century.

2. On the question from a journalist how it feels to be the smartest person in the world (just imagine this journalist’s mind for a second): “I don’t know, you would have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

Would you not say this shows a level of humbleness and humor that is hard to find in most famous people these days?

3. “If you keep banging your head against the wall without results, maybe it is time to try a new approach?”

This sentence literally changed my life. And it can change yours.

If we learn to put our egos and our desire to be someone special aside, we might get to a point where we become able to realize that the human brain is limited. It’s capacity is not endless and it can only process so much information at a time.

Scientific knowledge doubles every 5 years at the moment and with the advent of advanced AI and quantum computing our brains will look like ant brains compared to the capacity of computational power ahead of us in a couple years.

Maybe it is time to take an honest look at ourselves, our science, our theories, our ideologies, our convictions, our news, our cultures, our religions and our own individual thoughts and beliefs and admit to ourselves that maybe we are not as smart as we would like to belief we are.

Einstein was able to do that, so why can’t we?

Once we realize that maybe we all are not as smart as we thought, a whole new world opens to to us. We can suddenly begin to learn from others, relax about constantly having to show off and stop judging others or telling us that we are better than others.

We can actually begin to live and respect or at least tolerate others perceptions of reality as their slice of reality.

Like a laser pint only illuminates one trajectory in time and space, so does a slice only illuminate two trajectories in 2D time and space.

The whole of reality, as shown by science, recent advances in medicine and biochemistry, quantum mechanics, quantum biology and actual sincere scientific spirituality is so unimaginably complex that we probably have not even discovered half of it.

The though concept of slices of reality enables us to respect others perceptions as their slice of reality, their level of information and synthesis and ours as ours. We don’t have to judge things as being better or inferior, because in the end, all the slices put together show a more realistic picture of reality than any slice by itself.

For our healing work that means that we should be open to experience new slices or rays of reality and integrative them into our perception.

Once you make this experiences you may need a lot of integration work to understand the true nature of reality versus what you had been told or thought it was.

Exciting times. Exciting opportunities. But none of us knows the whole truth, all we can ever perceive with our conventional brains are slices of reality.

Why Truth?

Pain, fear, social norms and feelings of emptiness, loneliness and inadequacy or insufficiency, social rejection and any other kind of traumata, nightmares, abuse, PTSD, crime, etc. are horrible and painful experiences that nobody really feels comfortable dealing with.

Our brains therefore develop narratives throughout our lives.

We are special, we are better than others, we are victims, we are sinners and will always be, we are sick, we can not heal, we are rotten, spoiled or destroyed, etc.

The brain develops these narratives to give us a certain sense of comfort and safety, something to rest on, something reliable in a chaotic world.

The problem is that to break through into true freedom not based on addictions and desires, we have to be able to let go of those narratives and become able and willing to experience and perceive a larger reality that supersedes our mental thinking and our own limited perspectives.

In order to reach this state of mind we have to not only be willing to face uncomfortable memories, experiences and fears, but also to be truthful to ourselves and others. To stop playing theater and games, telling ourselves how great we aim, denying our faults and dark sides or vice versa.

We have to in a sense free ourselves from the conditionings of our mind, wherever they may come from. If they don’t serve use, are we going to bang our head against the wall forever with always the same results or are we willing to try something new?

That is mean with truthfulness. Truthfulness first started with ourselves. Looking at the totality of what we do, did, think and want. The totality of who we truly are. Without judging, just acknowledging it neutrally like an outside spectator.

Once we stop telling us stories and distorting reality, we can begin to work on the things that we see as undesirable. This is where the work begins. Where do these things come from? Why do I have them? What underlies them? Only honesty to ourselves and our fellow healers or practitioners can help us to uncover our hidden underlying desires, needs and hurts.

This is the road to freedom.

Truth towards others enables us to receive feedback on a perception of ourselves we may not have. This, if done in a loving, sensitive way can help us grow as well by shattering illusions about ourselves.

Why Love?

Love has been identified by most religious figures, reports from entheogenic explorers, survivors of near death experiences and even our own inner hearts as the most important emotion in the world.

If we want to work together and not isolate ourselves, we need to do this in a spirit of love and tolerance, otherwise we would not survive it.

We constantly strive for love, consciously or subconsciously and even our desires for good, a better live or enlightenment may be caused by a desire for love and fulfillment leading to happiness.

Unconditional love is something we long for all our lives and that you will discover as a result of holopathic healing. Love, Happiness and bliss, as cheesy as it sounds, are the consequences of full healing on all levels and they enable us to live uprightly while embracing all ours and others faults in love.

Love is what really makes life worth living and live is what you might meet on the other side of what we call the physical world.

Love is not difficult to attain, but absolutely necessary if we want to change anything in this world for the better.

so the final goal of enlightenment is not to better ourselves but to fully love, be fully happy and fully whole. From that point on love will drive us to share our experiences with others and help others too to reach the same healing that we received.

Experiencing true love as an active, practical experience is intrinsically connected to the state of happiness and bliss that we aim for when we begin the path of holopathic healing.

Why me?

Are you hearing the faint call of a healer? Are you already working in the medical or integrative medical field? Are you stuck and realizing that many patients and clients do not heal completely, despite our best efforts?

Are you realizing or sensing that the best of allopathic, naturopathic, integrative, functional and osteopathic medicine, as well as acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, psychiatry, psychotherapy, personalized nutrition, nutritional genomics, energy medicine and even mediation alone is not leading to the results we would love to see in ourselves, our loved ones and the communities we serve?

Maybe you have meditated for twenty years, lived in a monastery or lived a life of extremes but you feel that you still have not attained what you wanted to reach?

You might be a millionaire or celebrity and sacrificed all your life to attain a certain status or level of wealth comfort, but you do sense in your quiet hours that even that does not make you truly happy in your heart?

Maybe you had a spiritual experience in the past and then became the follower of a religion or belief system and have faithfully sacrificed your life for what you thought was the ultimate truth or the best way to life our lives as a human. But in your quest hours you feel the nagging intuition, your consciousness is telling you that something is not right and you are not as happy as you should be or would like to be?

Maybe you have prayed and pleaded and asked God to give you an answer, talk to you or allow you to feel his love and presence, but it did not happen? You feel as alone as you always were? Lost and without directions in the world?

Maybe you are an atheist or agnostic and think that nothing exists in this world other than the material world current physics are able to measure and proof. Maybe you think there is no life after death and all we have is this life. Maybe you have come to the conclusion that we have to save ourselves, that there is only one known inhabited world and if we destroy it, that’s it?

Or maybe you have given up, live in deep depression or become cynical, enduring your life until it is finally over because fate has dished you up so hard that you are done eating?

Maybe you want to save the world and be wise but you don’t know how to do it alone?

Whatever it is, wherever you are coming from and whatever you believe.

Since we are a network based on truth, tolerance and experience, you can make your own experiences with us, without having to subscribe to a particular world view. You can experience and expand your reality, or your perception of reality in your own speed and at your own pace without having to follow a guru or belief system.

You don’t really have to do anything other than developing a willingness to be sober, honest to yourself, ready or willing to face your inner emotional world and traumata without deflecting and running away, an understanding that life is imperfect and in order to receive help from others you have to cherish and respect them, instead of expressing hateful or accusative judgements on others, and the deep desire to heal, become whole, experience new things, be a happy person and attain the highest level of existence known to man, no matter what it takes.

If you have these qualities and you really want to heal or become a healer that can truly heal others, please contact us.

If you are not there yet, be not afraid.

We are not going away.

We will always be here and if not us then others offering similar approaches.

Whenever you are ready, do not delay to begin the journey.

Time is against you and you might regret starting too late from being sucked up by daily tasks and distractions when you could have been finding the happiness waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel.