Healing worldwide.

“Heal the world by healing yourself.”

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Holopathic Healing

Why Holopathic?

Holopathic means complete Healing. Complete Healing encompasses body, mind and spirit. It occurs when not only the physical, chemical and material requirements of the body are optimized, but also the mental, emotional, sensual and spiritual requirements of a person are being fulfilled.

This leads to a state of happiness that in the past only few people have searched for, found and deemed possible. Thanks to modern techniques a new level of healing is now available to everybody who is ready and open to do the necessary work and transformation.

Why Healing yourself?

Healing yourself in an experiential way is a precondition to bringing true healing to the world. True healing can only be achieved by oneself for oneself. As healers we assist each other by providing space, safety, comfort, truth, reflection, assistance, knowledge, empathy, patience and wisdom.

Since true healing comes from the inside, not the outside, it can not be passed on to others before it is achieved by ourselves. It requires facing uncomfortable truths and depths of the psyche and practical experience in order to be able to understand and guide others.

Why Network?

Humans need one another because we are social beings that do not thrive alone. We grow through relationships, not isolation. Networks allow individual freedom while at the same time providing encouragement, support, accountability and connection. Social interactions can inspire realizations and show us an honest mirror of ourselves.

Networks do not dictate but motivate. They provide and nourish, calm and offer relief and guidance where needed. They are flexible and enable individuals to achieve things that are beyond the self.

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